Book Music Scanner

Bill Nunn in the Minneapolis area, acquired a large collection of old tattered book music for his fairground organs. Most were in poor condition, unsuitable for playing. Kevin Keymer, living nearby, designed and constructed a simple book music scanner, starting with the electronics ordinarily used in the MK3a roll scanners, making it dual array, variable width.

As Bill's books were tattered and torn, it was necessary to tape together the separated pages, and tape over all the folded section, such that the final result was a single very long continuous unbroken book laid down on a series of picnic tables joined end to end. Preparation for scanning meant that these old books could no longer operate in a normal folded fashion. Here are some pics of the scanner, followed by a screen display of scannuing in progress......

Dual array of 2 matched pair of CIS sensors
salvaged from Canon LiDE flat bed scanners:

Screen display during dual array scanning process:

Cakewalk screen display of the resulting midi file:

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