If your InterNet search for Conn Strobotuner tuning machines led you to this site, I now have the documentation for the Model 6T-3, Model ST-6 and the Model ST-11. If your Conn Strobotuner resembles one of the following, simply click on the image to link with its companion documentation. Since early 1999, it has been here solely as a convenience to anybody who made need it. This is not a commercial venture for me.

If by chance, somebody has documentation for another model, good quality scans of it would be appreciated. If you do not have a scanner, a loan of it would be appreciated, followed by an immediate return.

Hope you find this documentation useful. Click on the image to click through to the documentation.

So, here it is 'leventy7 years years later, and just recently I learned that the Peterson folks acquired the Strobotuner assets, outside chance they may have parts, but what is most disappointing is that the discussion they once had is now gone. It may be accessed at: Peterson Tuners

Model 6T-3

Model ST-6

Model ST-11


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